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Victor Bruno Alexander Rosetti de Quiroz

Current Occupation: Teacher, Programmer and Entrepreneur


Current Focus: Game Developer, Simulators, Gamification and innovation.


Knowledge Areas: Computing, Games, Administration, Virtual Reality, Augmented / Mixed Reality, Robotics, Event organization, Education



  • Fluent (English)

  • Spanish (Advanced / Fluent)


  • Empower people in science and technology

  • Promote information / knowledge

  • Martial arts


PhD student in Intelligence Technologies and Digital Design - PUC-SP


Study focused on the application of artificial intelligence in gamified systems.


Master in Digital Games Development - PUC-SP

Creation and application of a gamification system in higher education.



MBA in Business Management - FGV

Business plan development for game developers in the Brazilian market.



Bachelor of Computer Science - FAESA

Study on the use of clusters of common machines instead of supercomputers.

Working on Laptop


Professor at Universidade Anhembi Morumbi - Game Design Course


Disciplines: 3D Game Programming and Artificial Intelligence



Professor at Faculdade do Centro Leste UCL - Information Systems and Engineering Courses

Disciplines focused on programming, artificial intelligence, hardware and innovation

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Director and Programmer at YggBrasil Educação do Futuro

Do you need a system, game or simulator? Course or gamification?
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Other companies I worked for:

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Overview of developed products

Overhead Crane Simulator

Year: 2019

Developed for: Tenger

Technologies: Unreal Engine 4

Abstract: Simulator for the training of loading and unloading professionals in the port area of Espírito Santo. The simulator has 4 screens, two joysticks and works with 4 types of loads:

  • Bulk

  • Granite

  • Container

  • Cellulose


Year: 2019

Developed for: Global Game Jam UCL

Technologies: Unreal Engine 4

Summary: Thomas tesla wakes up with his memory impaired after a mechanical improvement procedure on his body. Trying to repair his memory he finds fragments as he battles opponents on his journey. A futuristic hack'n'slash game.

Construction Site Simulator

Year: 2019

Developed for: INOVEDUC Project in partnership with SENAI

Technologies: Unreal Engine 4 with Oculus Rift

Summary: a construction simulator. The aim is to raise awareness and teach construction professionals about the risks and the need for personal protective equipment (PPE). A virtual reality (VR) environment was structured with 3 areas: The first to place the PPE (boots, gloves and helmet separately), without it there is no way to access the other areas. The second to teach about the correct disposal of construction material, with a color pattern of civil construction. The third to solve the problem of a high voltage wire loose in the yard. The project was presented at an internal fair at SENAI-ES.

UCL Coaster

Year: 2018

Developed for: Faculdade do Centro Leste UCL

Technologies: Unreal Engine 4 with Oculus Rift

Summary: Roller coaster simulator that tests the limits of virtual reality (VR) and entertains the brave (or not). Developed with in-depth studies on VR convenience, there are three levels:

  • Easy-For those who just want to enjoy the virtual environment with a little speed

  • Medium-For those who want to feel the chill in the belly with exciting falls

  • Difficult-For those who have given up on life and want to brainwash.


Year: 2017

Developed for: Faculdade do Centro Leste UCL

Technologies: Unity 3D with Vuforia / Xamarin for the LIGHT version, Python / Jango servers.

Abstract: The gamification system was created with the intention of captivating students to participate more in the classes and events of the Faculty of the Centro Leste UCL. The system consists of a configurable server where tasks are created to gamify a class or event. Also from an application that receives the tasks and through forms / QR-Codes it collects task completion data, sending them to the server. While students compete for a place in the ranking, of those who complete more tasks, the system generates individual and classroom reports, indicating strengths and weaknesses to be improved by the institution. The project was put to the test during the 2017 UCL Exhibition with 1300 users, with a peak of 700 simultaneous / competing users. The system was also used during the Games Theory and Practice 2019 event, of the Professional Master in Digital Game Development, at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo PUC-SP.

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Jet VR Mars

Year: 2016

Developed for: NASA Space Apps Challenge (Hackathon)

Technologies: Unreal Engine 4 with Oculus RIft

Summary: Game based on the challenge of simulating space walk on Mars. The aim was to create a physics simulator that would allow astronauts to train the use of jetpacks / propellers with greater fidelity in the gravity of the red planet. The game has modes with and without virtual reality.

Victory Island Pirates

Year: 2015

Developed for: Victory Island Studios Author Project

Technologies: Unity 3D with Vuforia.

Summary: Augmented reality (AR) game that uses the Victory Island Studios company logo as a marker to start. The aim is to stay alive while destroying pirate ships, with a crosshair and many cannon balls, which head for the “Victory Island” (reference to Vitória island, capital of Espírito Santo). The game increases the difficulty by time and ranks who survives the longest. There is also a mode without the need for AR.

Save Your Candidate

Year: 2015

Developed for: Victory Island Studios Author Project

Technologies: Unity 3D and published for Android.

Summary: Continuation of Rated H for Hangman, but with caricatures of the candidates for the presidency of 2015. The game was all in Portuguese, with more words, tips, and the player chose which candidate was going to hang. It was active on Google Play until September 2019.

Feed The Dog

Year: 2015

Developed for: Victory Island Studios Author Project

Technologies: Unity 3D with LeapMotion.

Summary: We have a very hungry four-legged companion and you need to feed him! A casual and fun game, especially for Dog, which is showing in delicatessens. The was intended to test the LeapMotion, a hand scanner / scanner, where the player would use his hands to be able to put the food in the Dog's language.

Tour Virtual Soliddo Jacaraipe

Year: 2014

Developed for: Soliddo Construtora e Incorporadora Limitada

Technologies: Unity 3D with Oculus RIft.

Abstract: The project was conceived to present new apartments in an innovative way to customers of the construction company Soliddo. The construction company provided the plans for a real apartment, located in Jacaraipe, Serra-ES, for 3D modeling. The tour allowed the client to travel as a first person game inside the apartment. The project was also integrated with a virtual reality (VR) module for customers visiting the stand.

AR Dino

Year: 2014

Developed for: Faculdade do Centro Leste UCL

Technologies: Unity 3D with Vuforia

Summary: Application with augmented reality (AR) used to entertain people at events. Through a marker, people could take face photos for a T-Rex or with Pokémon Charizzard.


Year: 2014

Developed for: Hermes and Renato (TV Show) in partnership with BluePixel.

Technologies: Unity 3D is published for IOS

Summary: Game that simulates the famous Pac-Man, but adds the trickery and characters from the program Hermes and Renato. The aim of the game is to collect all the white balls in the level without dying.

UCL Virtual

Year: 2014

Developed for: Faculdade do Centro Leste UCL

Technologies: Unity 3D with Oculus Rift

Summary: A virtual reality (VR) tour of the Faculty of the East Center UCL. The tour was created as a way to experience VR while showing the institution to new entrants.

Race of Spades

Year: 2014

Developed for: Victory Island Studios Author Project

Technologies: Unity 3D.

Summary: Racing game where cars represent the tribes of Metal. The aim is to survive a race with a lot of shots, blows and bombs, listening to the purest metal.

Year: 2012

Developed for: Victory Island Studios Author Project

Technologies: XNA for Windows Phone 7, published on the Windows Store

Summary: Animated hangman game, with a comical feel, worked in 5 languages (English, German, Italian, French and Spanish), with 500 words and tips for each language.

Rated H for Hangman