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Who, what and how is YggBrasil?

The YggBrasil website was created in order to provide parents, teenagers and children with important information about games and how to use them in education. We have 6 major communication channels:


  • YggBrasil website : In addition to unifying all channels, it shows our events in detail.

  • YggBrasil Blog : Quick proposals and news to read, maximum 5 minutes to learn something interesting.

  • Instagram YggBrasil : Follow our development to bring the best ways to use games in education, we do and show all our affection for you.

  • Youtube YggBrasil : Videos for parents with details on how to use games to educate and motivate their children, also which games are suitable for each age. Videos for children with all the details about various games.

  • Twitter YggBrasil : Quick and interesting notes on new tools to improve your children's education.

  • YggBrasil Forum : How about sharing your experience with the channel's readers? This is the perfect place for that, where we can talk more about and learn together.

  • Facebook YggBrasil : Want to spread the news to your friends, we make it easy for you with a Facebook page too.

All material is well identified and free from any offensive, discriminatory, negative content. Reinforcing the intention of YggBrasil, always bringing positive, educational and motivating content for parents and children!


Do you have any doubt?

  • Como eu contato YggBrasil?
    Primeira maneira - Em nossa página inicial, ao final dela há um formulário de contato. Segunda maneira - Através do contato Agradecemos pelo seu contato e estaremos lhe retornando assim que possível!
  • Onde eu acesso os outros canais da YggBrasil?
    Na descrição acima estão os links de todos os canais que temos. Estes também estão destacados em nossa página principal.
  • Onde vejo os eventos da YggBrasil?
    No menu superior, aquele que fica no topo da página, basta clicar em Mais e verá a opção Eventos.

Assignments well stated!

Below are some assignments for important people who provided content and help to improve YggBrasil!

Thank you!

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